This is now the largest database in the world in this field. It comprises information
and pictures of archaeological sites.

The work took place between the years 1998-2004.
A certified archaeologist, specialized in the Classical period, documented the most important archaeological sites in the aforementioned countries, those that include the most interesting elements of the Classical world. Some of the pictures were photographed in sequestered sites, without access roads and under many difficulties.
Prior to the photography tours in the archaeological sites themselves a comprehensive literature review was conducted, including the inspection of ancient and modern maps. A full detailed sketch of each site and its surroundings was prepared. In order to present the site in the best way possible, the documentation of each site includes photographs from various angles. The photographs were taken using a high-quality digital camera. Some of the sites were also filmed by a digital video camera. The video segments supplement the information kits of the sites.
It is important to take note that the database also contains photographs of sites that are not reviewed on the website.
A complete list of all photographs and video segments is available in Products and Video.

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